SpaceX MMXX – One Step Ahead

This video is not monetized, as it is a gift to the most awesome community out there! #TeamSpace

SpaceX has been a light beacon to all of us in 2020. Leading the space industry by achieving milestone after milestone. With Crew Dragon and the Starship Prototype program they have inspired millions of humans across the globe. Here’s to SpaceX and our future as a multi planetary species.


⭐RGV Aerial Photography @RGV Aerial Photography
⭐Joe Rogan @PowerfulJRE
⭐Everyday Astronaut @Everyday Astronaut
⭐Mary @bocachicagal @NASASpaceflight
⭐Cosmic Perspective @Cosmic Perspective
⭐Maria Pointer @StarshipBocaChica
⭐South Padre Isle @SPadre
⭐Corey Lambrecht

Editing: Felix Schlang & Alex Potvin

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