Turn a classic sandwich into an easy low carb baked Reuben casserole. You’ll enjoy the classic flavors of Pastrami, Corned Beef, Thousand Island Dressing and Swiss cheese, but in a low carb baked Reuben instead.

What Makes Reuben Casserole So Great?

The thing about Reubens, in all their drippy, messy, tasty goodness though? Is that classic rye bread. Terribly tasty, entirely not keto or low carb.

Ever since I started eating low carb though, one of the things I’ve learned is that it really is all about the insides of the sandwich anyway. That’s where ALL the flavor is at.

So making a baked Reuben casserole is fairly easy, really. This is how you can take all the flavor of a Reuben sandwich, but make it low carb.

How Did The Reuben Get Its Name?

As I was looking up the origins of a Reuben sandwich, I was surprised to discover that there was once an actual Reuben’s Deli in New York. Mr. Arthur Reuben used to name sandwiches for the famous celebrities that ate at this restaurant.

So I guess it’s only fitting that we now have a sandwich named for Reuben himself.

Do You Use Pastrami or Corned Beef in a Reuben?

If you’re anything like me, you have no idea about the difference between Pastrami and Corned beef. All I know is, they are both beef, they’re both cured, and they’re both delicious.

I also know that using both together in a Reuben makes an already delicious dish even better.

If you really must know, the biggest difference is that both cuts are brisket but Pastrami is a little fattier cut than corned beef. They’re both brined. But corned beef is boiled, and pastrami is smoked.

I suggest using half and half of each as I did in this Reuben Casserole recipe.

Tips and Tricks for Making a Keto Reuben Casserole

How To Make a Baked Reuben Casserole Recipe

2. In a 9-inch round cake pan, layer most of the pastrami and corned beef.

3. Spread with drained sauerkraut. Then, sprinkle with caraway seeds.You can also use sauerkraut with caraway seeds.

4. Spread the dressing on top of the sauerkraut.

5. Spread a few more slices of pastrami and corned beef. You are doing this to keep the cheese and the dressing from making a melty mess. Although, it WOULD be a very tasty mess!

6. Use some kind of good melting cheese, like Swiss cheese.

7. Bake the casserole and then slice. Notice, you will have a lot of sauce at the bottom. If you are not doing low carb, you can use bread at the bottom. If you are low carb but still want bread, I’d use this Sola bread at the bottom.

8. If you can let the casserole rest for 10-15 minutes, a lot of that sauce gets absorbed back in. Otherwise, just drizzle it on your casserole and enjoy.

Watch the Video on Making Easy Baked Reuben Casserole

What To Serve With Reuben Casserole

When you’re searching for the right thing to eat with Reuben Casserole, you should think of things you would normally eat with a Reuben sandwich. If you’re choosing this recipe because it’s low carb, you might be struggling to think of something other than chips or french fries to pair with it.

Here are a few things that will pair well with it while still keeping the carbs low:

Other Low Carb Casseroles You Might Enjoy

So the next time you’re craving a hot Reuben sandwich, save yourself the carbs and make this Reuben Casserole instead. Make sure you share the recipe with your friends on Facebook and Pinterest so they can try it too.

Low Carb Baked Reuben Casserole

Turn a classic sandwich into an easy low carb baked Reuben casserole. You’ll enjoy the classic flavors of Pastrami, Corned Beef, Thousand Island Dressing and Swiss cheese, but in a low carb baked Reuben instead.
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  • 8 oz (226.8 g) Pastrami, thinly sliced
  • 8 oz (226.8 g) Corned Beef, thinly sliced
  • 2 cups (284 g) Sauerkraut
  • 8 oz (226.8 g) Swiss Cheese, sliced
  • 1 teaspoon (1 teaspoon) Caraway seeds

For the Russian dressing

Preheat oven to 400F.
Make the Russian Dressing: In a small bowl, mix together mayo, ketchup, onion, hot sauce, and paprika and set aside.
Butter an 9 inch pan or an 8 x 8 baking dish. Layer the ingredients for the Reuben: start with the three fourths of the corned beef, top with the sauerkraut. Sprinkle the caraway seeds across the sauerkraut. Drizzle the dressing over the sauerkraut. Top with the remaining meat, and then top with Swiss Cheese. So your layers will be: meat, sauerkraut, caraway seeds, dressing, meat, and Swiss cheese.
Bake at 400F for 15 minutes until the cheese has melted and is bubbling. Turn on the broiler and broil for 2-3 minutes if desired.

Watch The Video

  • Use a 9-inch cake pan or an 8 x 8 baking pan to make this casserole.
  • Use a combination of thinly sliced pastrami and corned beef.
  • Drain the sauerkraut as well as you can. Despite this, you will have some sauce in the bottom of the pan once it’s baked. I drizzled most of this over the casserole.
  • If you don’t care about making this low carb, you can always layer the bottom with pieces of rye bread. Top with rye bread as well, and bake as directed. In this case, the bread will soak up all the lovely dressing. But of course, for low carb, either skip the bread or try it with Sola bread which is currently my favorite low carb bread.
  • Use Swiss cheese or any other kind of melting cheese for the top.
  • The caraway seeds add a lovely crunch to this dish. You can also buy sauerkraut with caraway seeds and skip a step.

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Calories: 595kcal | Carbohydrates: 8g | Protein: 36g | Fat: 46g | Fiber: 2g
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Originally Published June 17, 2019

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